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February 2, 2010

Canadian Greenhouse Produce Leaders Select 'HarvestMark'


YottaMark Inc. announced Feb. 2 that its "HarvestMark" fresh food traceability solution was selected by leading Ontario greenhouse produce shippers Huron Produce Ltd. and Jem-D International


Huron will deploy “HarvestMark” item and Produce Traceability Initiative compliant traceability for its peppers, mini-cucumbers, beefsteak tomatoes and tomatoes on the vine. Jem-D will deploy “HarvestMark” item-level traceability for its packaged peppers, mini=cucumbers, beefsteak tomatoes and cocktail tomatoes. Traceable products will be arriving at select retail stores in February.


"As a trusted supplier of quality produce in Canada, we take great pride in our growing practices and food safety programs," Jeff Kints, vice president of Huron Produce, said in a Feb. 2 press release. "We sought after a solution that would help us comply with PTI while delivering a new way for our customers and consumers to learn more about our products. We found what we needed and wanted in 'HarvestMark.' We look forward to including traceability as part of our offering and bringing new values and benefits to our customers."


"Traceability and timely communication across the supply chain are critical for our industry," Jim DiMenna, president of Jem-D International, added in the release. "Our retail customers and consumers want more information about our products and our world-class hydroponic growing practices. With „HarvestMark, we can deliver instant access to traceability information and learn more about our customers' preferences and product quality so we can continually improve our operations and deliver highest-quality products year round."


The Produce Traceability Initiative is driving changes to improve whole-chain traceability and enhance food safety response programs. It calls for shippers to apply GS-1 compliant traceability labels to cases of produce. HarvestMark PTI provides a flexible, easy-to-deploy solution to address these requirements and more.


As part of these two programs, cases of produce will receive PTI-compliant labeling, and individual clamshells, bags and cases of produce will carry unique “HarvestMark” codes. Simply entering a code at will lead consumers directly to information about that specific item, including variety, origin and food safety notices. Access to on-demand information on product quality and time-to-market help enhance product and category management.


"Jem-D International and Huron Produce are both established leaders in the greenhouse produce industry, and we are excited that they have selected „HarvestMark? for their traceability platform," J. Scott Carr, president and chief executive officer of YottaMark, a leader in traceability and authentication solutions, said in the release. "By working closely with grower-shippers, we've developed a platform that meets all the demands of PTI and offers the ability to take traceability all the way to the consumer. We are excited to extend our work into Canada with the Huron Produce and Jem-D International partnerships."


The “HarvestMark” solution gives individual items or cases a unique identity that links to harvest, packing and supply-chain information. The HarvestMark Portal provides instant traceback as well as easy access to distribution, quality and food-safety information. HarvestMark PTI works with a wide range of packing workflows providing shippers the flexibility to print PTI-compliant case labels either on-demand or in volume -- at the packingline, in the field or at the cooler.


HarvestMark PTI includes tools developed by the HarvestMark team to simplify and speed the assignment of Global Trade Item Numbers to each of the shipper's product configurations, to manage GTINs across their business, and to easily share this information with buyers.