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December 13, 2011

Cantaloupes from Sun America to Become HarvestMark Traceable


by Gill McShane | November 21, 2011


"Sun America Imports will begin deploying the HarvestMark traceability solution on its cantaloupe melons as of this month in an effort to provide greater transparency to retailers and shoppers as well as enhance the group’s food safety communication programmes.


"The move comes in the wake of the recent listeria outbreak in Colorado-grown cantaloupes which killed a number of consumers in the US.


“ 'We recognize that retail buyers and shoppers want greater peace of mind when purchasing melon,' said Drew Kislin, managing director of Sun America Imports.


“ 'We chose HarvestMark because the platform allows us to provide transparency all the way to the shopper, offers an important channel for food safety communication, and will enable us to build our brand with confidence.' "


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