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December 9, 2011

Growers/Shippers Rely on HarvestMark for PTI


The Shelby Report


by Shelby Staff | November 15, 2011


"YottaMark has helped more than 200 produce grower/shippers achieve compliance with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI). These companies have implemented YottaMark’s HarvestMark PTI solution in their operations to be in compliance with buyer and industry requirements, aligned with the Dec. 31 milestone.


" 'While some folks in the industry have felt there hasn’t been momentum around the PTI deadline, what we’ve seen is people have really embraced the responsibility to become compliant in advance of the Dec. 31 deadline,' Aimee Young, senior director of marketing for YottaMark, told The Shelby Report during the PMA Fresh Summit.


"Jem-D, Astin Farms, Alpine Fresh, Flavor 1st and Delta Produce are the newest HarvestMark PTI customers.


"Jem-D is deploying HarvestMark PTI for case and pallet traceability for its cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes packed in Atlanta, McAllen, Detroit, Kingsville and Montreal. Alpine Fresh deployed HarvestMark PTI on asparagus, with plans to implement across its operations. Flavor 1st, based in North Carolina, has selected HarvestMark PTI for its tomatoes. Delta Produce, based in San Antonio, Texas, will deploy HarvestMark PTI on tomatoes and avocados, according to YottaMark, a leader in traceability and authentication solutions based in Redwood City, Calif.


“ 'We’ve tried to take the complexity out of getting PTI compliant. Many grower/shippers may have tried to develop systems in-house themselves, and what we’re finding is they can quickly get frustrated with trying to develop their own solution,' Young added. 'So we’ve created this solution that is as easy as receiving an HP computer at home that is boxed and arrives at your door. You open it up and it has the illustrated instructions inside, and people are becoming compliant before we even provide a training call.' "


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