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May 5, 2008

PakSense and YottaMark Partner to Integrate Traceability with Time and Temperature Monitoring.

LAS VEGAS-(May 5, 2008)-PakSense, Inc., an innovator in sensory solutions for packaging, and YottaMark, Inc., a leader in unit-level brand security and marketing solutions, announced today at United Fresh 2008 that they have joined forces to combine unit-level traceability with integrated time and temperature monitoring capabilities. A new time, temperature smart label, enhanced with the HarvestMark® traceability solution from YottaMark, is expected to be introduced in the third quarter of 2008. The combined solution will provide growers, shippers and retailers with instant trace back, easy trace forward, and integrated cold chain monitoring linked to the unit level, with all information accessible via an online portal.

"This new time, temperature and traceability smart label will raise the bar on how companies track and trace products in the supply chain," said David Light, CEO at PakSense. "Not only will customers have trace forward and trace back capabilities, but they will also have visibility into environmental conditions during shipping that could directly impact product quality and safety."

Compliant with emerging traceability standards, the HarvestMark solution is fully compatible with the Produce Marketing Associations' Guidelines on Traceability. The system can be deployed for case and pallet trace-forward and trace-back, as well as full unit-level traceability. As an on-demand hosted solution, brand owners and growers can get started on day-one without installing and supporting costly enterprise software or servers. PakSense time and temperature labels will be directly supported by the HarvestMark solution, associating time and temperature data across truckloads, pallets, cases and units. The integrated time and temperature data will be available on to authorized users.

"Traceability and cold chain monitoring are essential elements of food safety programs across the supply chain," said Scott Carr, president and CEO, YottaMark. "Now the industry can cost effectively deploy cold chain monitoring, have enterprise-wide access to temperature data, and provide instant trace-back and easy trace-forward. This is a powerful new tool to prevent, detect, and respond to potential food borne illnesses or recall events."

PakSense can be found in booth 4551 and YottaMark can be found in booth 4104 at the United Fresh Show in Las Vegas, May 5-7, located at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

About PakSense

Founded in Boise, Idaho in 2004, PakSense is a market leader in the development of intelligent sensing products specifically designed for perishable goods. PakSense products help manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers determine the quality and safety of food, pharmaceutical, medical and other environmentally sensitive products. For more information visit

About YottaMark, Inc.

YottaMark, Inc. provides the most secure and simple to deploy unit-level brand security and real-time channel intelligence solution in the market. YottaMark's powerful technology platform delivers effective product authentication and unit-level traceability to help brand owners increase consumer trust, build new levels of channel intelligence, and drive sales. HarvestMark is YottaMark's traceability solution for the food industry. Find out more at

YottaMark's security codes are now protecting millions of dollars of branded goods. Leading companies in the fresh produce, electronics, and consumers packaged goods industries rely on YottaMark to increase security in the channel and inspire trust in their brands.

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