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October 28, 2009

Salad Origin Now Traceable With New Kroger Greens


By Sarah LeTrent

Ever wondered where that lettuce leaf you're eating was grown?

Kroger says it's become the first grocery chain to employ traceability technology on its salads, so consumers can see exactly where its packaged Fresh Selections salad greens come from.

For its pre-washed, ready-to-serve salads, Kroger is using HarvestMark technology -- a 16-digit tracking code on packaging that consumers can plug into HarvestMark's Web site to trace the greens back to the source, including the region where the produce was grown and the date it was packed. It's part of the grocer's new "Quality You Can Trace" program.

"We're introducing this technology because it makes it easy for customers who are interested to learn more about the food they purchase for themselves and their families," Meghan Glynn, director of Kroger corporate communication, told Slashfood.

Consumers can also leave feedback about their greens.

What do you think of tracking your food? Would you bother to do it? Let us know in the comments below.