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April 14, 2009

Sun World International to Implement Traceability across its Product Line with HarvestMark®


Vertically-integrated agribusiness company to meet and exceed PTI requirements


Bakersfield, Calif. - Sun World International, LLC, a vertically-integrated agribusiness company with an innovative approach to fresh produce, is taking innovation a step further by implementing traceability at the case and consumer unit-level. To do so, Sun World has selected the HarvestMark® solution from YottaMark for its traceability platform.


Sun World will begin to deploy on-demand traceability using the HarvestMark solution for both the case and consumer unit-levels across much of its product line, including table grapes, tree fruit, seedless watermelons, citrus and colored peppers. The program will comply with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) to deliver trace back and rich product information on-demand at, bringing new food safety and quality tools to buyers, and connecting the consumer with the farmer and the harvest.

"Achieving supply-chain wide traceability is a critical goal for the produce industry," Sun World President and Chief Executive Officer Al Vangelos said. "At Sun World, we pride ourselves on innovation. In the same way that we have delivered new produce varieties with extended shelf life and enhanced flavor, we will deliver a traceability solution that not only meets industry standards, but goes beyond that by providing consumer unit-level traceability. We are pleased to partner with the HarvestMark team to provide our traceability solution for this important company-wide program."

With the traceability program, Sun World will meet PTI-compliance for case-level traceability. Recognizing the needs of customers to extend traceability to the consumer unit, the program will also include traceability on clamshells, bags, and selected individual produce items. The program will begin deployment in the spring of 2009.


"Consumers today want to know that their food is fresh, safe, and where it comes from," said J. Scott Carr, president and CEO, YottaMark. "Produce buyers are looking for essential new tools to enhance food safety and achieve supply-chain wide traceability. The HarvestMark solution makes it easy to comply with industry standards, implement" traceability without changing packing and harvest processes, and create these new and essential connections between farmer, shipper, and buyer. We are proud to have been selected as Sun World's trusted partner for traceability, and look forward to working with this established industry leader to help further underscore their commitment to leadership, innovation, and food safety."


Sun World case labels with a HarvestMark code, a GTIN and a lot number as required by PTI, can be scanned or typed in at a secure Web portal to access up-to-date product and traceability information. Sun World and its network of growers, packers and shippers can gather data on product quality and time to market, which can be correlated to the farm, crew, and date. HarvestMark traceability tools can help speed response to potential food safety issues, enhancing safety across the supply chain. Furthermore, the HarvestMark portal creates new connections between Sun World, its retail customers and end consumers, enhancing communication and increasing trust in their brands.


About Sun World International
Sun World International, LLC is a vertically-integrated agribusiness company headquartered in Bakersfield, California. With one of the world's largest fruit breeding programs, Sun World has developed a quality line of fruit such as SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS® and MIDNIGHT BEAUTY® brand grapes, and BLACK DIAMOND® brand plum. For more information on Sun World, visit the company's Web site at: