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September 30, 2009

SunFed Launches Traceability Program with HarvestMark®

Arizona-based full-service produce company selects HarvestMark for PTI and item- level traceability

Redwood City, Calif. - September 30, 2009 - YottaMark, Inc., the leader in traceability and authentication solutions, today announced that SunFed has selected the HarvestMark system for their enhanced traceability program. A full-service produce company headquartered in Nogales, Ariz., SunFed will deploy HarvestMark for PTI-compliant case-level traceability, and consumer-accessible item-level traceability beginning with the 2009-2010 season.

As the next milestones of the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) draw near, produce shippers are setting their implementation plans for enhanced traceability. SunFed has been a leader in food safety programs. With the HarvestMark solution they will comply with the PTI program, and deliver on-demand traceability to their buyers and to the consumer at home.

"SunFed's commitment to food safety pre-dates the current issues facing the fresh produce industry. Today, SunFed leads the industry in food safety, and as new food safety regulations and standards emerge, we want to be proactive to comply with our customers' requirements," said Shay Zeltzer, chief technology officer, SunFed. "We needed a system that would adapt to our packing processes and the needs of our growers. We are impressed with the experience of the HarvestMark team and their understanding of produce sourcing from the U.S. and Mexico. We're pleased to be implementing HarvestMark this season across our product lines." 

SunFed will deploy HarvestMark as part of its existing food safety program and will be delivering both traceable items and cases of produce to meet growing traceability requirements from retailers and foodservice operators. Starting in September, individual SunFed branded seedless mini watermelons and cantaloupes will feature a 16-digit HarvestMark code on the label. Simply entering the code at will lead consumers directly to information about that specific item, including variety, where it was harvested, food safety notices, and other valuable product information. 

SunFed will also deploy HarvestMark PTI to comply with the Produce Traceability Initiative and easily generate and apply PTI compliant labels to each case. HarvestMark PTI-compliant labels also include a case-specific HarvestMark code, which can be queried on the Web or with a cell phone, to get instant, permissions-based data about the produce as well as immediate trace-back to the source.

"SunFed has a significant presence in the produce industry with an impressive food safety program," said J. Scott Carr, president and CEO, YottaMark. "We are excited that SunFed has selected to incorporate HarvestMark into its already established food safety infrastructure. The scope and level of information that SunFed will be able to collect and disseminate via HarvestMark will help extend SunFed's leadership and enhance its communication and trust with its buyers and consumers."

The HarvestMark solution gives individual items or cases a unique identity that links to harvest, packing, and supply chain information. The HarvestMark portal provides instant trace-back, and easy access to distribution, quality, and food safety information. HarvestMark PTI works with a wide range of packing workflows providing shippers the flexibility to print PTI compliant case labels either on-demand or in volume; at the packing line, in the field or at the cooler. The product includes tools developed by the HarvestMark team to simplify and speed the assignment of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) to each of the shipper's product configurations, and easily share this information with buyers.

About SunFed

SunFed® is a privately held full-service produce company with headquarters in Nogales (Rio Rico), AZ. SunFed works with the world's finest growers to provide produce of the highest quality with extended freshness and a flavor strategy in melons to deliver consistent eating quality - a difference consumers will immediately notice.

Today SunFed leads the industry in food safety. It employs rigorous food safety standards and audits, including field testing utilizing multi-residue screening, GlobalGAP and SQF, as well as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification for all of its packaging facilities. 

In addition to having pioneered innovative packaging, SunFed has pursued novel adjuncts to extend shelf life, such as using modified atmosphere/modified humidity packaging for fresh beans, squash, colored bell peppers and cucumbers from the greenhouse. Its new world-class facility allows the company to handle products with exacting care, managing temperature, humidity and atmosphere. The facility's ozone treatment in all storage and shipping areas assure the proper atmosphere to extend the consumer eating quality life of products. 

SunFed's Promise: We will markedly raise the quality of our customer's produce on hand, while substantially eliminating shrink from their workplace.

For more information, please visit or call 866-4SunFed (866-478-6333).

About YottaMark, Inc.

YottaMark, Inc. specializes in product traceability and authentication solutions that deliver valuable business intelligence when and where it's needed. Leading companies in the fresh foods, electronics and consumer goods industries rely on YottaMark's robust traceability platform to conduct precise trace back, enhance communication, and increase security in their supply chain. 

HarvestMark®, the fresh food traceability solution from YottaMark, is the industry's fastest growing traceability application. To date, over 750 million produce packages have been enabled with HarvestMark Codes to speed response to suspected recall events and deliver on-demand product information throughout the supply chain. 

Designed for field- and line-packed produce, HarvestMark offers a complete suite of traceability solutions, including case and item-level. It accommodates a wide range of workflows with an open platform for seamless integration with existing systems. HarvestMark supports a variety of packaging formats making it quick to deploy with no interruption to business operations.

YottaMark is a privately held company headquartered in Redwood City, Calif. More information can be found at and or call 1-866-76-TRUST (or +1.650.264.6200).